add-on cleaning services

Your cleanings are customizable. We have a series of tasks that we do upon request, for your convenience. We highly recommend that you book add-on services separately from your initial deep cleaning, as the initial deep cleaning is more labor intensive. Add-on cleaning services are typically requested by our clients who have a recurring or periodic appointment scheduled with us.

Once you fill out our add-on cleaning request form, our office will follow up with you to provide you with a price quote. All work is billed at our hourly rate.

Here’s a list of some of the add-on services you can request:

• Inside of fridge / freeze
• Oven
• Inside of cupboards / drawers
• Inside of trash / recycling bins
• Scrubbing blinds / mini-blinds
• Interior window cleaning
• Window tracks
• Detailed hand dusting during maintenance cleanings (default method at initial cleaning)
• Wall washing
• Detailing light fixtures / ceiling fans / high up surfaces
• Vacuuming under couch cushions
• Vacuuming / mopping under and behind appliances and heavy furniture with low clearance
• Exterior surfaces and areas on property such as a porch, walkways or garage (must be dry)
• Organization projects (you can book this online here)
• Changing of towel linens or sheets
• Wash, dry, fold and / or put away laundry
• Ironing
• Litter box care
• Pet feeding