Dusting Tutorial


dusting tutorial

Dusting! How do you do it? To start, know when you’re faced with any task, it’s important have strategy and intention in place 🙌 Here’s a guide to the tools and strategy you’ll use to effectively dust your space.


🤔 Assess your space. How long has it been since you’ve last dusted? If it’s been longer than 2 months, we recommend a deep dusting. If it’s been 1 week - 2 months, we recommend a maintenance dusting.

🤔 Will you be dusting your entire home or isolating your task to a specific floor or room? We highly recommend doing all of the dusting in your home at once. If time commitment is a factor, we recommend doing a room or a floor in its entirety. Never only do specific surfaces such as baseboards only. You’ll see better results by tackling it all at once. Less dust will accumulate in your home. You’ll see and feel the difference.


☝️Deep dusting tools: multi-purpose spray, terry cloth towels or microfiber towels.

☝️Maintenance dusting tools: multi-purpose spray, terry cloth towels, quality feather duster.


💪 Step 1: Tackle one floor level in your home at a time. Choose your starting place and ending place. You will want to work your way around that entire floor, methodically along the walls, never skipping around. Think of the space you’re tackling in 2D and 3D. Any surface that is horizontal, dust will be collecting and you’ll be removing it. Vertical surfaces do collect dust, but not as prominently. Make sure to dust top to bottom (gravity, yo!).

💪 Step 2A: For deep dusting, you’ll use a dry cloth or a lightly sprayed cloth to first, remove the dust. Work in incremental blocks as you move. After the initial layer of dust is removed, heavily spray any sticky / dirty / soiled surfaces directly on the surface (exception: avoid spraying electronics directly). This will lift the dirt, but may require some elbow grease. Follow up with a dust free cloth (separate from your dusting cloth). Replace both cloths as they become too soiled, with fresh clean ones as you work.

💪 Step 2B: For maintenance dusting: work in incremental blocks. Swipe the feather duster over each surface, with the intention of the dust going to the floor. Dust picture frames, decor, etc. and then pick up each item after it’s been dusted and dust underneath. If you’ve done the deeper dusting method more recently, you’ll have less sticky / dirty / soiled surfaces. However, you’ll still have some of this to tackle. Look for commonly touched and used surfaces such as tabletops, door knobs surrounding and around light switches. Heavily spray directly on the surface (exception: avoid spraying electronics directly) and use your terry cloth towel to lift and remove the dirt + polish the surface clean.

💪 Step 3: Organize as you go. Pick up up paper and stack them in neat piles, fold blankets, fluff pillows, arrange your possessions in a neat way.

💪 Step 4: Don’t forget! Keep going until you’re entirely done with your dusting task. A full dusting is where you’ll see results!

💪 Step 5: We highly recommend cleaning your floors after with a good vacuum, sweep and mop to remove the dust that’s settled to the ground. 

Enjoy your clean space!