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 our cleaning philosophy

Our aim is to revolutionize the house cleaning industry. We look at home living as a means to provide a foundational core support system for living a positively healthy, goal oriented life.

It all starts with the home. Your home is your sanctuary. It’s where you retreat from the world, it’s where you rest your head at night. Finding solitude, balance and order in a chaotic society is essential to your success.

When you hire us, you are hiring a professional service that is state registered, bonded and insured. We provide all cleaning supplies which include top quality commercial equipment and eco friendly products.


Our hourly rate is $50/hr per person for all work we do.

You have the option of hiring us for a full cleaning, or for a budgeted amount of hours. We have a minimum charge of 2 person hours. Beyond this, you are only charged for the time that our staff are working in your space. We bill in 15 minute increments, per person.

For budgets, we have a 4 person hour minimum for new clients and a 2 person hour minimum for recurring or periodic clients.

We service within the Portland City limits. To get started, you can submit a quote. You can also read our page about how our quoting system works.

cleaning faq

Q. How do you track and organize all of the information I provide to you, such as my preferences, pet information, etc.?

A. We build a detailed customer profile. We pride ourselves in consistently delivering the highest quality of service to our clients. In doing so, we build a customer profile with a map of all of the rooms in your home, entry details, pet information and more. Our goal is to build a long term relationship with you. We welcome ALL feedback and communication so that we can custom tailor your job, to meet your specific needs.

Q.  Should I be home during my cleaning?

A. We always welcome our clients to having the choice of being home during the cleaning, or staying out of the house during this time. Due to the layout of spaces with only one floor, it simply takes more time when we have to break up the cleaning into sections, when a room is occupied and needs to be vacated. 

If your space has only one floor, we recommend vacating the space, if you are concerned about cost. We can cover more space, more efficiently, if your home is unoccupied. Our overall internal processes of efficiency are built so we work on a floor by floor basis, doing each task in bedrooms, livings rooms, halls, offices, etc. all at once.

Q. What does a standard house cleaning include?

A. Whether we are cleaning your home for the first time or on a regular basis, we are cleaning the same areas. The first cleaning takes more time and elbow grease. We essentially clean and / or check all exterior, non enclosed surfaces in your home from top to bottom. A standard full, non-budgeted house cleaning includes, but is not limited to; the bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms, living room(s), dining room, halls, stairwells and any other indoor room that is requested for cleaning.

Bathrooms include: removal of cobwebs, scrubbing of shower / tub and items inside, sinks, toilets, glass cleaning, wipe down of counters and items on counters, dusting of horizontal surfaces, baseboards and walls, vacuuming / mopping floors.

Kitchens include: removal of cobwebs, scrubbing of counters and items on counters, decor, all reachable exterior surfaces, scrubbing of sink, stove top and microwave, polishing of stainless steel, glass cleaning, removal of kitchen trash and vacuuming / mopping of floors.

Bedrooms, halls, stairs, dining room, living room and all other rooms include: removal of cobwebs, dusting of horizontal surfaces within reach, wipe down of dirty / touched surfaces, light organization, tidying of bed, glass cleaning of mirrors, french doors / glass entry doors, removal of trash, vacuuming / mopping of floors.

Trash Removal: we will need access and information on location of exterior bin(s) in order to remove kitchen trash and recycling.

Q. What kind of cleaning supplies and equipment do you use?

A. We use eco friendly supplies. We understand how important it is to create a safe and livable environment in your space. For all standard cleanings, we use a variety of eco friendly cleaning supplies, some of which make from scratch! There are a few instances in which we may use a harsher chemical in which we will gather your approval to use in your space.

We use commercial grade equipment. This helps up deliver a thorough and efficient cleaning method.


Q. How do you clean floors and under furniture?

A. We have an amazing backpack vacuum (that we use in place of a broom) that makes it easy to vacuum any debris off of the floors. For carpeted floors, we have another vacuum. Both are high end commercial HEPA filtered vacuums.

If there are any areas that our vacuums won’t fit under, this would be considered a special project for moving larger pieces of furniture. Your team will require your help moving items if they weigh more than 30 lbs and / or approval to scoot furniture.

Q. How do you mop floors?

A. In most homes, we hand mop all hard surfaced floors during the initial cleaning. After the first cleaning we continue to hand mop the kitchen and the bathrooms. The rest of the common spaces we use a spray mop to maintain your space. If you or your team sees that your floors need a more detailed hand mop throughout, we can add this on as a special project as needed. If you feel that your floors need a hand mopping every time, this can be done per your request. 


Q. How do you clean grout and caulking?

A. We use all eco friendly cleaning supplies by default, but we recommend for excess buildup, that a treatment of soft scrub bleach be added on.

For caulking: If your caulking does have mold growth that’s inside of it, it may be a matter of replacing the caulking vs. cleaning. There’s no way to clean mold that’s absorbed into the caulking. In this case, you would need to replace this yourself or hire a contractor. 

For tile grout: There are typically two types of grout in tile. Sanded grout and plastic polymer grout. Depending on staining, condition and grout type, we may or may not be able to return your grout to it’s original state. If you have honeycomb tile, this is typically the hardest to return to a white grout again if it’s stained. 

Q. What scheduling options do you have for regular cleaning visits?

A. We have options for weekly (every week), bi-weekly (every 2 weeks) and monthly (every 4 weeks). If you would like appointments less frequently than this, you can book a periodic cleaning online.

After your initial cleaning, our office will follow up with you via email and send you our recurring availability.


Q. Can you explain the cost difference between an initial cleaning visit and a regular cleaning visit?

A. In a first cleaning, if you have dirt that has been sitting for a long period of time, it will take more time and elbow grease. 9 times out of 10, a new client’s home requires a deep cleaning the first time around.

A great example of this is to think of the task of washing dishes; Let’s compare the same dish, but with different levels of dirt. You have one dish that’s dirty and wasn’t rinsed after your spaghetti dinner last night. You have a second dirty dish, used 30 minutes ago from a sandwich that you rinsed. That same dish, with caked on spaghetti sauce will take more time and effort to clean. Now, think of this level of dirt throughout your home. Different homes collect different types and levels of dirt. Dust, mud and debris can build up over time and in layers. Your cleaning will require increased effort the more time has passed between cleanings.

We stick to a high standard of cleaning. During this first cleaning, we are cleaning the same surfaces (with the exception of any add ons of interior surfaces) that we would during recurring cleanings. If your space has been cleaned on a regular basis prior to our visit, or you have a newly constructed space, your cleaning may take less time. Once your space has been thoroughly cleaned, we can move forward with maintaining your home with our efficient cleaning methods.


Q. Can I set a budget?

A. Certainly! The budget dollar amount that you set, translates into a number of hours that your cleaning visit will be. In tandem with a budget, we’ll need our budget form filled out, in which you will request specific rooms to be cleaned. We’ll work in order of your priority list until time is up or the cleaning is complete.

Keep in mind, setting a budget means that we will most likely be doing a partial cleaning of your home. To maintain consistency with our service quality, we work on a room by room basis, instead of by the task with a budget. We have a minimum requirement of 2 person hours per maintenance cleaning and 4 person hours for an initial cleaning.


Q. What are some things that I can prep before my cleaning, to save on cost?  

• Put away items on shelves, countertops, floors and any other surface. Examples of this would include kitchen spices, cooking products, soaps, lotions, hair products, makeup in bathrooms. 
• Collect and wash dishes. 
• Collect and remove trash. 
• Communicate with us that we do not need to clean shelves with detailed knick knacks or bookshelves. 
• Communicate with us that we do not need to make the bed(s). 
• Communicate with us that we are to skip certain rooms that may be junk or project rooms, or, to just clean the floor in those rooms. 

Q. What areas are you unable to clean?

• Biohazard waste
• Excessive mold
• Exterior window cleaning
• Tasks that require lifting of 50+ lbs
• Spaces with extreme heat / cold conditions
• Spaces with aggressive animals, insects or living organisms that may jeopardize the health or safety of our team
• Spaces with broken glass larger than in a 1 square foot area
• Areas without running water or electricity, dependent upon lighting and water usage needs.
• Surfaces 3 feet or higher, we leave it to the discretion of our staff to commit to cleaning high up spaces that require a ladder. Our staff reserve the right to decline providing this service.  

Areas cleaned, with a signed waiver: Due to liability, we will not scoot / move any appliances or heavy furniture without a signed waiver from a client. Any areas under these surfaces (such as a fridge, oven or couch) will not be cleaned unless the item has been moved in advance or a waiver is signed. If the waiver is signed and in the event that the item is too heavy to move for our team, cleaning under this surface will be skipped.

Q. Do you have a service quality guarantee?

A. Yes! We take pride in getting your job done right the first time. We are a human powered service, prone to human error. If you aren’t satisfied with services rendered or change your mind after a job has been completed, you are still responsible for full payment. However, we will make a trip free of charge or give a service credit if a task was overlooked or a task was not completed properly when given the original instructions. If you choose to complete the skipped task yourself, this agreement will not apply. Any changes / out of the ordinary tasks that need special attention must be communicated in advance in order for this agreement to apply.

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