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 #fightfor15 movement

The Tidy People is an advocate for the #fightfor15 movement. We stick to a value system of “people over profit”. Most service based jobs, especially in the house cleaning industry, are known for a poverty level income. The cost of living has increased, and wages have shown little growth for decades. We truly care that our staff are not a cog in a machine, are truly heard, cared for, and are positive contributors at The Tidy People and surrounding community.

Our foundation is our staff, who perform all-star service on a daily basis. We are a sustainability focused service, powered by humans, working for humans. Taking care of our people is not an option, it’s a must. Providing a very personalized service, we send qualified people into our clients homes, who happen to also care about the work they do.

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our staffing process

vetting process for each employee

• We post job ads on various platforms to gain a large pool of applicants to sift from. 

• Final candidates whom we hire go through a 3 part interview process. 

• All employees at The Tidy People are background checked.

• We seek long term relationships with our hires and verify that they are trustworthy, reliable and passionate about the work they do. We pride ourselves in very low turnover with our staff.

• We have a one month trial period, where we test quality of work and behavioral aspects, prior to permanent hire.

employee requirements

• Own and maintain a quality vehicle with insurance, to get to and from jobs.

• Maintain a clean background and driving record.

• A smartphone to access our CRM tool, various work management platforms we use and to communicate with their assigned clients throughout the day.  

• Read, adhere to and stay updated on our staff policy handbooks and cleaning processes. We have a total of 7 handbooks that goes over various aspects of job performance at The Tidy People.

• Go through a rigorous 6 - 8 week training program one-on-one with a dedicated trainer.

• Meet a certain set of criteria of performance, that cannot fall below a threshold, to keep their job and earn a performance bonus.


employee benefits

• A competitive livable wage, well above minimum wage. Our employees are not contractors and are on payroll, which includes city, state and federal taxes paid by The Tidy People. Starting wages pay no less than $15/hr. Our average trained employee makes between $19 - $21/hr.

• A car and cell phone stipend, to own and maintain this operable equipment. 

• Paid time at the office to prep supplies each week, and paid travel time to and from each job.

• Maintained commercial equipment and cleaning supplies, for highest quality and most efficient job performance.

• Coverage of workers compensation, liability insurance and bonding in the event of accident. 

• 40 hours of sick pay each year.

• 401K benefits.

• A tiered pay system, based off of excellent performance. 

• A community and company culture that’s safe and healthy. We have an open door policy, in which staff have managers to go to and can speak openly to them. 

• Growth opportunities for advancement into leadership positions.