initial or one time cleaning

Whether you are seeking a one time cleaning, a move in or out cleaning or are setting up recurring maintenance cleanings, we will most likely need to provide an initial deep cleaning in your space first. This will require more time and LOVE. In this first cleaning, if you have dirt that has been sitting for a long period of time, it will take more time and elbow grease. We may need to use deeper cleaning methods.

A great example of this is to think of the task of washing dishes; Let’s compare the same dish, but with different levels of dirt. You have one dish that’s dirty and wasn’t rinsed after your spaghetti dinner last night. You have a second dirty dish, used 30 minutes ago from a sandwich that you rinsed. That same dish, with caked on spaghetti sauce will take more time and effort to clean. Now, think of this level of dirt throughout your home. Different homes collect different types and levels of dirt. Dust, mud and debris can build up over time and in layers. Your cleaning will require increased effort the more time has passed between cleanings.

We stick to a high standard of cleaning. During this first cleaning, we are cleaning the same surfaces (with the exception of any add ons of interior surfaces) that we would during recurring cleanings. If your space has been cleaned on a regular basis prior to our visit, or you have a newly constructed space, your cleaning may take less time. Once your space has been thoroughly cleaned, we can move forward with maintaining your home with our efficient cleaning methods.