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Our goal is to create a space that you feel happy and inspired in. Every organization job is different and is customized to fit our clients needs. For organization services, we mainly schedule one-on-one work with a professional organizer. Should you have a bigger job, we may schedule a team after the initial consult.

We categorize organization service and decluttering service separately. The main difference between the two is that organization services require strategy, time and effort put forth from our clients. Decluttering services, we dive right into the work, for a shorter term result. If you are seeking a longer term solution to staying organized, we highly recommend hiring us for organization services.

initial consult + first visit

During your initial appointment with one of our professional organizers, you will spend up to the first hour of your visit going over your organization needs and setting up a strategy. Depending on your timeline, we recommend scheduling only a half day 4 hour visit. After this, we can assess your job and schedule additional appointments based off of your needs.

Allowing time between your first appointment and ensuing appointments will allow us to strategize and bring fresh ideas to you and your space.

organization service

When you hire us for organization services, you will work one-on-one with one of our professional organizers. You will strategize to come up with solutions in creating a “‘home” for all of your possessions to live, as well as create a functional living space where everything in your space flows.

Our goal is to create an intentional living space for you to do all the things that you want at home - this could be fostering your creativity, hosting guests, relaxing...anything your heart desires! When your way of living aligns with your goals, this creates a supportive foundational ecosystem for you to thrive in.

decluttering service

Our decluttering service differs from organization service in that we skip the strategy / organization solutions and dive into tidying up. This is a shorter term solution in lessening the clutter in your home. This requires less input and collaboration from you.

Your professional organizer will tidy up tabletops and surfaces, organize visible “like items” together and make room for clear open spaces. If you are going this route, we recommend signing up for recurring organization services to upkeep your space. Depending on the size and specifics of your job, we may schedule a team for efficiency purposes.

recurring organization service

For those who want general upkeep, to clear and declutter their space. For recurring organization clients, we build organization strategy into this service as we build a relationship with you.

We have options for weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and quarterly service. Please email us at and we’ll send you our recurring availability for this service.