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Once you fill out our quote form you’ll receive an automatic response via email, with two quotes. This is for (1) first cleaning visit and (2) regular cleaning visits. Our hourly rate is $50 per person hour. All work we perform is billed at this rate. The following goes over the two different types of quotes you’ll receive, which is tied to the amount of time it will take to complete your job.

first cleaning visit

This type of cleaning applies to a space we clean for the first time or if it’s been 3+ months since the last visit. We bill hourly and estimate twice the amount of time as regular visits. Depending on condition, this cleaning may take more or less time than estimated.

The only difference between this cleaning and regular visits is that it takes more time to remove excess buildup that’s accumulated + clean any add-ons that you’ve chosen to be cleaned.

Our core cleaning philosophy is to leave your space a clean slate and a blank canvass. We call it “home bathing”. We use cleaning methods that aim to fully remove all dirt and debris. By sticking to our methods, your space will feel and look the most clean and will be easiest to maintain moving forward. Each room / surface on your priority list gets full attention to detail from (reachable) top to bottom.

regular cleaning visits

This type of cleaning applies to weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or periodic visits (every 3 months or less). Once we’ve completed an initial cleaning to remove the deeper layers of dirt + debris, we can go into maintenance mode for your space.

Typically this type of cleaning is 50% or less in time and cost than the first cleaning visit.

Our services are customizable. As we get to know you and your home, we build out a customer profile so our team can best fit your needs. We can work with you to do more or less cleaning and customize specific tasks such as changing sheets, ironing, folding laundry and more.


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