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At The Tidy People, we deliver motivational tools, products, services and coaching to educate and empower people to successfully live a clean and organized life. We believe that when people take priority in self care, they are better contributors to their local and global community. Empowered people empower people. Join us on the journey in being a tidy human.


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Overcome overwhelm and break down seemingly difficult tasks into a series of smaller methodical tasks.

Practice movement in your life. No, we’re not asking you to get up and workout everyday (unless that’s your thing). Seek to create an awareness around how much action you take on the daily, to make progress towards your goals. Find balance. Find an ebb and a flow. Stagnancy and inactivity creates a bottleneck of task buildup, while over stimuli creates burnout. Be consistent and you’ll reap the benefits.

Be kind…to yourself! Practice self talk / affirmations / thought processes that lead to positive reinforcement. Feeling creates thought, thought create action, action creates results. Self empowerment leads to you being a warrior in your life.

Find purpose. The likelihood of sticking with keeping a clean home, staying organized or reaching a goal is much higher if you have the desire in place to work the daily grind to make it happen. Fall in love with the daily grind. What is the meaning behind your motivation?

Own your life and your possessions. Otherwise, the things you own, will end up owning you. Find understanding in the fact that possessions require further investments with time and/or money. Living in a home requires cleaning and other maintenance. Owning a car requires car washes. Owning clothing requires doing the laundry or dry cleaning. The bigger your lifestyle, the more you own, the more maintenance it requires. This is perfectly acceptable! The Tidy People exists for this very reason - to help you create balance and provide the support you need to get these tasks done.


letter from the founder

The Tidy People, (formally Ergo Errands 2008 - 2019) began during the great recession. It was a time when the first iPhone was released (circa 2007) and smartphones were popularized soon after. Our society would soon become connected, yet so disconnected. It was a time where consumerism and overconsumption began to take over. People would begin to see an impact both in their personal life, and in the environment. All the while, our culture saw a shift in an increasing number of hours worked in a week. Humanity seems to be “on” all of the time… going, going, going. We have these useful and necessary tools, but we sometimes forget that too much of anything creates imbalance.

All of this, to me, represents chaos and disorder. I believe that chaos and disorder is a natural part of life’s ebb and flow. *Fun fact* do you know what entropy is? It is the second law of thermodynamics and it explains the natural order for things to become disorderly, and that it only ever increases over time. Therefore it is a scientific fact that things become disorderly the longer we exist. So to live, sometimes we need to get messy. Then we clean it up. To change and grow, to find balance between the messy and the clean, we often need a catalyst. We need something to learn from, to change our habits. To strive for better. Striving for better, is practicing self love. This is where learn to move away from living in an unnecessary constant state of chaos.

I believe there is no better place to practice self love than at home. It’s the place that you go to close the doors on the world and wash away the day. It’s a place where you can go be as silly, serious, angry, excited, calm, fearful as you want to be… cause it’s YOUR home. And YOUR life. It’s the perfect place to practice all of the habits and behaviors that you want to reflect in every reach of your life. Whether it’s to be tidy and clean, to be more creative, to get more rest, to build a business... the possibilities are endless.

From day one in business until now, I’ve strived to support people to create a happier and fuller home life. A life that’s supportive of one’s goals. This is unique for each person and it’s up to the individual to define. As you move through discovering your full potential on the daily, I’m ever-so-grateful that my team and I get to empower and support you on this journey!

Lora Ladd, Founder of The Tidy People

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